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Above All Living Fear Paul Roe, Andrew Racher, Michael Soundy and Matthew North

  • News Summer 2016

    Not much to report here at the moment. We are slowly updating the site. From now on our shop will be via the bandcamp page.

    We did think about spotify, but we didn't like it.

    We are very delighted to announce that All Living Fear are going to release music for the first time on Spotify. The Idea came about earlier in the year after we noticed that while there is issues about the fairness of payment from streaming services there is no question that it’s a very popular platforms and we felt our heritage should be on there.

  • News:April 2014

  • Matthew has been going through the archives and found all sorts of delights a future archive release is in the works shall we say.

  • Matthew is also working on a solo single and album as well as recently releasing a new album with his Department Factory Band. You can see where Matthew is playing live Here. Paul Roe meanwhile is gigging in the south east with his band Borrowed Time. Matthew and Mike are very much active with the band Secrets for September

  • All Living Fear's latest and final album

    All Living Fear's new album 'Coming Home' can be ordered now from our merchandise page or on our Bandcamp page and on iTunes.

    You can also order from iTunes and

    homepage is now on the above link Corrosion were Matthew North and Paul Roe or All Living Fear Mk 3.

    We have just played one of the most important shows of the bands career. To play at the Whitby festival to a full venue, performing our new album to a very receptive audience was awesome to say the least.

    Lakobeil and Matthew North

    Recently Matthew collaborated with the German band Lakobeil on the bands new single ‘Drowning Lullaby’

    All Living Fear's full back catalogue online and can be downloaded from our Bandcamp page .

  • North and Brown It was a great surprise that at Matthew acoustic show in Exeter in May the God of Hellfire Mr. Arthur Brown was there and was able to perform 2 songs with Matthew. They were ‘Devils Grip’ ‘That’s How Strong’ to the delight of the Picturehouse audience that saw in it members of The Cure and The Mission. Here is a video of Devils Grip.

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