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  • New Recording
    Yep here is something direct from the studio a new recording of the song 'All Living Fear' that was first played live in 1993.

  • Terrorizer Review Broken Dream

    Terrorizer March 2011

    Broken Dream Review

    We were very pleased to see the above review in the March edition of Terrorizer magazine.

  • The new EP Broken Dream read about it Here

  • Exeter electric show North and Parker will be playing a full electric set at the Cavern in Exeter on the 29th December opening for The Quails who recently opened for Muse.

  • New EP Well its taken a while but our new ep is ready. Entitled ‘Broken dream’ its 4 tracks and includes a new version of Dark Out Here, a song from the bands first demo tape made in 1993 that also made it on to the first album, this version though is sung by the songs original author. The download is on a set your own price basis so you can pay what you think its worth to you, if you grab it for free no problem though we would appreciate you posting a link to your Facebook profile.

    Secondly, Matthew also has a solo ep out, 3 songs one is a new version of a song that was on the Into the Light album with 2 other new songs that he has been performing in his solo shows.

  • New EP A new EP to follow up Twenty Nine Point Nine is due for release in December.

  • North and Parker Play an acoustic set at the Picturehouse in Exeter on the 9th December.

  • Matthew meets Reeves One of the reasons that All Living Fear formed in 1992 was Matthew and Steven Howsons love of the band Tin Machine, specifically the guitar work of Reeves Gabrels. Well on Saturday the 6th Nov Matthew headed to Vintage and Rare guitars in London and joined a master class lesson with Reeves, Matthew said ‘It was great to have a lesson with one of the finest players I have ever heard, he was very patient and gave good advice and in a couple hours gave me ideas that I will take on for the rest of my playing life.’

    Matthew with Reeves Gabrels

  • Twenty Nine Point Nine This is the latest release a download only single and is completely free. Listen to it here and download it complete with cover artwork.

    <a href="">Twenty Nine Point Nine by All Living Fear</a>

  • The Widow's Blame back in print as a download get it Here where you can also listen to it in full for free.

  • Rare footage of the MK2 band at the Camden Palace (Koko) has been unearthed Here

  • Stay up to date Matthew is publishing recording and other news to his Blog reads it all Here

    After almost 15 years involvement in the band (with a few years off in the middle) vocalist Andrew Racher has left All Living Fear to spend more time with his family. For all future shows Matthew North will be performing lead vocal duties as well as his usual guitar work.

    Matthew has said: ‘This is a big challenge for me, having had a stab at fronting the band before this time I want to do it right, and have been putting in the groundwork and going in at the deep end, but playing acoustic shows at folk clubs has helped enormously as well has having an excellent vocal coach. I’m very excited about playing some live shows at the end of the year, the band has never been better and I’m blessed with having some great musicians in the band’.

    The line up for future All Living Fear shows is:
    Matthew North: Guitar and Vocals
    Niall Parker: Bass and Backing Vocals
    Steve Williams: Guitar
    Nevla: Guitar and Backing Vocals.

    Sometimes the line-up may vary and may also include
    Paul Roe: Bass and Vocals
    Lee-Anne Burgess: Bass

    As for Pauls involvement in the band there are plans for him and Matthew to perform more shows as Corrosion as well at some point in the future to make a follow up album to Corrosions N-Y-A-G-A album there is also a firm plan to play a one off show where they will play the whole of the ‘Into The Light’ album live living 220 miles apart though logistics are not always easy.

    At the moment there is no plans to record a new All Living Fear album, Matthew is though working on a solo project, this has already started on some songs described as the best work he has ever done. Some of these songs might well be performed at future All Living Fear shows.

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