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  • The Broken Dream EP

    So I announced a few months ago that All Living Fear were going on a hiatus, thing was we had already written best part of an albums worth of material, some of it better than others and it was always a thought as what to do with the material. After some deliberation I decided the more ĎGothí orientated songs should be where they belong, as an All Living Fear release. Now releasing CDs involves a lot of promotion and touring, and thatís the one thing we are not doing any more. With the relatively recent inception of Bandcamp where you can release music and more importantly for me sell it as uncompressed audio, itís a simple solution to get music out there and a fair one too. I also took the step that if we are going to make music than the listener can decide what its worth, some may say thatís a bit radical, but the way I see it with so much illegal downloading it makes sense to put it out there first, so if its paid for or not, at least itís the best quality product.

    So the 4 songs on the ep are

  • Broken Dream This song started life as a much faster track, it was done as a stunt for something that I wont get into here, some of you may have even heard it. Anyhow myself and Niall had written a track that has the main part of the riff, and with a bit of editing and production work, the lyrics from the original song and the music from the new one joined forces and gives you the track you hear today.

  • Dark Out Here This was a very old song, I wrote it in 1993 and it was on the very first All Living Fear demo tape, and then made it to the first album. It was just a moment of inspiration that I decided to re recorded it mostly to satisfy how the song wanted to sound but at the time recording processes were rather limited.

  • Destiny This song was written not long after the band came off tour at the end of 2009 and was quickly added to the bands live set. It was a definite shift from the bands guitar chugging sound to more melodic and less rock sound. Again my love of the Mellotron strings are evident in this track.

  • Wait For Yesterday This song had the working title of Power of Drums and has been played live from the New Voices tour onwards. The verses were changed a lot over the past year, and eventually settled to this version; an earlier version was cut into a video that you can see on youtube.

    Matthew North 28th December 2010

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