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Technical Rider

All Living Fears Technical Requirement are relatively straightforward.


A full Drum Kit to inc a double bass drum. Venue to provide Microphones accordingly to the situation of the venue.

Bass Guitar

One Bass Guitar amp to be either DI or miked depending on the situation of the venue, Ideally FOH will take a DI and a Microphone and do a mix of the two but we appreciate this is not always possible.


One Lead vocal mic, we would appreciate if the Microphone could be cleaned with antibacterial cleaner before use. If the Microphone appears dirty or un hygienic we may ask for the microphone to be replaced.


1 guitar cabinet to be miked with an SM57 or similar. The cab will either be a 4x12 or a 1x12 depending on the venue.

In addition there will be an acoustic Guitar feed (A Piezo transducer on the bridge of the electric guitar) this will require a DI from the venue with a loop through so that it can also feed a monitor amp on stage.

Backing Track

There is a mono feed of backing track that can be supplied by the band on to an XLR balanced. We ask that when plugged into the FOH system that Phantom Power is turned off and that it is set to Line Level.

Monitor Requirements

In the main monitors we require Vocals, Backing track and low level acoustic guitar. No bass guitar or Lead guitar to go into any of the monitors please.

For any other technical queries please email Matthew North on

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