1992 – 1993

Released: 'Waiting Demo', 'Live on Tour' 1993 Demo

After going to watch The Sisters Of Mercy at Birmingham N.E.C. in 1992, Matthew North and Steven Howson decided to form a Gothic Rock band. Their first rehearsal was in August, and the live debut was on September 1st at the Parrot in Torquay, the local student pub that held an alternative night every other Tuesday. The band played a set of cover versions, mostly Sisters tracks, and they went down very well as ALF were the only gothic band in the area. The band soon built up a following and two months later played to over 500 people at Monroes in Torquay. By this time, Matthew and Steve had started to write some original material and added Richard (Woulfie) Woulf to the line up on bass. The band swapped around bass players for different gigs and even gained a backing singer for a while but, nothing substantial came out of it and the band broke up.

Matthew then wrote a few songs and recorded the 'Waiting' demo tape that was sold through an advert in the N.M.E. and Melody Maker – the first person to buy a copy was Ryan Swift, the lead singer with Emma Conquest. Not long after at a Psychophile gig in Exeter, Matthew teamed up with Michael Webb, a guitarist who likes to dabble with synths and who taught Matt Cope from the Cranes how to play guitar. Matthew and Michael practised a lot. Both joined Toxic Shock Syndrome for a gig at the Powerhaus in London then made their own live debut at the Cavern Club in Exeter playing a Riot Girl all day festival, second on the bill, with indie darlings Linus. The following day All Living Fear supported Moby's old band Flipper at TJs in Newport.

Towards the end of the year All Living Fear supported Nosferatu, but the gig was a total disaster climaxing with local Goth band, Lilith Unveiled, joining for a rendition of "Clear" by the Cranes. It all went wrong – as if Frank Spencer had been in the band! That night Michael left, and Caroline Jago (now of Seventh Harmonic) joined. Matthew and Caroline played one gig as a duo then Matthew gave up vocal duties.

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