Released: 'Bridging The Gap' CD-R Album

A new year and a new start for the band, the first hurdle to overcome was to find a new singer – that was relatively easy. Ant was in another band, the Gypsy Dogs, and vocalist Paul Roe was borrowed as a stand in until something was sorted out. Matthew and Paul hit it off first time and the band started to work really well. Many of the songs were re arranged, most notably making "Tomorrow" a dance track. Playing live for the first time together the new look All Living Fear supported The Marionettes (a band Matthew and Andy always wanted to support), at the Borderline in London, this has a mixed reception – 70% hated it and 30% loved it, because although All Living Fear were a tight band, a lot of people were faithful to Andy and didn't want the band to be seen with anyone else. Paul was overjoyed with the show and so stayed permanent with the band.

Ant had to leave the band due to ill health and All Living Fear were again a duo. Matthew and Paul played two gigs with the Dream Disciples in Manchester and Southampton and Ant came back to play a show in London again at the Borderline, but not long after he had to leave the band again, but he is still a good friend to All Living Fear.

Matthew and Paul were offered the big gig, middle on the bill of the Saturday night at the 'Whitby Gothic Weekend'. They recorded three new songs and re-recorded a few of the old classics and released a CD-R, 'Bridging The Gap', which sold all fifty copies made at Whitby and soon was selling well by mail order. Meanwhile, Matthew and Paul wrote and recorded 'Into The Light' and the band took to a small UK tour to promote the new album, which was released properly in Spring 1999.

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