1994 – 1995

Released: 'Close Down' Demo, 'Jessica' CDEP

Enter Andy Racher, friend and fan of the band, he had no experience of being in a band, but that didn't matter, he just wanted to do it. Andy had a brilliant skill of writing lyrics, no stage presence at the time, but that didn't matter, ALF were a Goth band after all. They recorded the 'Close Down' demo cassette in Matthew's small home studio and to its credit it sold quite well. Fanzine interest soon started up and the band had its first interview on BBC Radio. The band's live debut was supporting S*M*A*S*H, heralded as the 'New Wave of New Wave' and had the front page of Melody Maker that week. Not long after All Living Fear supported XC-NN, the new band formed by Tim Bricheno, formerly of All About Eve and the Sisters Of Mercy.

Steve Paine, of the band Legend, and co owner of Pagan Media Ltd, took an interest in the band and gave Matthew and Andy free recording time in the studio. (By now Caroline had moved to London to concentrate on her own band Frantic Spiders and Michael Webb re-joined for occasional live work only.) The result was the "Jessica"" EP, a CD of four tracks with the additional help of John Macklin on drums. The CD gave the band a German distribution deal with the now defunct Ossia records. Caroline returned to play live one more time at the then unknown Whitby Gothic Weekend. This now legendary festival, creation of one Miss Jo Hampshire, is now the premier UK Gothic event of the year.

Not long after Whitby, Steve Tackle, a friend from Matthew's work, joined on guitar. Steve was very much of the Metal persuasion and gave the band a more rocky sound. The band started to gig further afield and bagged two support slots with Nosferatu. On the second night, in Cardiff, Matthew stepped in and played guitar for the Nossies as their guitarist, Damian Deville, had just quit. All Living Fear finished off the year by making their London debut at the Marquee club as support to the Bromley Gothic/Industrial band 'The Voice'. They also made their compilation CD Debut on the EFA album 'When The Sun Settles Vol 2' with 'Close Down' from the "Jessica" EP.

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