Released: 'Fear On The Road' Video, 'Minimum Resistance' CD Album

After a great year in 1995, 1996 was to be even more rewarding. The first release of the year was 'Fear On The Road', a very good quality video of the Borderline gig in October 1995 plus has a promotional video for the club hit 'Crimson'. In March the band started to write and demo material for the next album. Again, like with 'Widow's', the band were quick to start promoting the new album 'Minimum Resistance', and three tracks were released in advance via the medium of compilation CDs: 'Inside My Mind' a demo of which was on 'Magic Of The Place'; a demo of 'Stranger To None', for 'What Sweet Music 3', and a studio version of 'Each And Every Way', for Mick Mercer's "Hex Files" CD. The "Hex Files" was the latest in Mick Mercer's trilogy of books on the Gothic genre and gave All Living Fear worldwide exposure. A video for 'Stranger To None' was filmed at a gig at the very prestigious Camden Palace in London.The album was released, again, on the 31st October, and the band took their biggest tour thus far. The tour was extremely successful and very profitable, not only paying for itself but also covering the cost of the sixteen-track studio that the band bought, and the pressing cost of the album. I would say that All Living Fear were at their peak of success at this point, for now at least.

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