Matthew and Paul formed a new band, Corrosion, initially sounding very rough, but by the end of the year had managed to polish up their songs, dispensing with the vast majority of ALF tracks, apart from "Armageddon In A Can" which was a Roe/North composition anyway. They recorded a CD EP, 'The Elemental', and managed to win the Meltdown Magazine Demo of the year. For the first time in ages they had achieved something, and now Corrosion are a successful band in the Gothic scene, fusing guitar Goth with synths.

Meanwhile Matthew was getting itchy feet about All Living Fear. Andy had already expressed an interest in doing something and a record label from Poland were interested in releasing a compilation CD of All Living Fear material, but as part of the deal they wanted new material as well, so it got Matthew and Andy back together, though the compilation has yet to materialise. With Paul's full approval All Living Fear, the classic line up, reformed and played two low-key shows at the end of the year, just over a year after their "demise".

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